Partnership with Parents

At Camelot we pride ourselves on having strong partnerships with parents. We offer lots of opportunities for parents play an acting role, big or small. 

Partnership with parents and carers is exceptional, so they are highly involved in their children’s learning and development. They are kept well informed through newsletters, emails and daily conversations with staff. Parents have the opportunity to discuss the future developments of the nursery, outstanding concerns and learning and development issues through a parents’ forum. They speak highly of the provision commenting that the staff are friendly, approachable and professional. They say that the level of care is first class and the extensive menu is exceptional. The nursery has strong relationships with local primary schools, other settings, the local college and the university.
— OFSTED - 2014

Some of the ways we involve parents are: 

Parent’s forum

We hold these meetings 3 times a year (Once a term) and we all join together, and these are held in various locations, where we discuss the nursery and moving it forward, fundraising, and any current and future developments. It is a great way to meet other parents from your child’s room. We look forward to seeing you there!

Parents Evenings

We offer 10/15-minute slots with your child’s key person, and this enables parents to have a detailed chat with their child’s Key person on a one to one basis. We also like to show you your child’s learning journal, which includes, observations, photos and art work. 

Summer/Winter fetes

Twice a year Camelot holds these spectacular events for all age’s, friends and families to join in. Camelot holds a variety of stalls and entertainment factors and encourages parents to volunteer their help and support. 

Stay and Play sessions


Camelot aim to hold a variety of stay and play sessions throughout the year, ranging on a few different themes. Parents and carers and family are welcome to join in on learning a new fact or just taking part in an extra activity with their child. 

Annual Outing

This is one of Camelot’s favourite events of the year, and we enjoy taking a coach of children and families to our chosen venue or farm in the local Essex area,  and exploring the animals and environment and having a joyful day out. 

Parent Representatives

We have a small group of parents who are willing to help Camelot. We send emails to just this group to talk about changes and opinions and we often send our policy updates to check that parents feel happy before anything is set in stone. If you would like to join this group please let Victoria know.